About us

09 January 2013

If you are visiting our website you are probably going to christen your child or are invited to be godparents of a christened child. Christening is often a child’s first grand occasion, and thus it requires thorough preparation in order to prevent last minute arrangements from overshadowing the joy of the special day.

Children are usually christened during the first year of their life, when parents raising young children are very busy. Keeping this in mind, Christeningideas.co.uk is created specifically for your convenience and contains all the necessary information on christening and planning of the event brought together in an all-in-one guide, which will help you to start organizing the christening celebration without any delays.

Christeningideas.co.uk will provide answers to a large variety of questions you may have, present plenty of tips and unique ideas, accumulated over long career in christening planning, event organizing and publicity.

We are glad that people wish to celebrate this event with their closest ones, with family and friends, to introduce them the new Christian by following the old traditions and by creating new ones, and also glad that they appreciate symbolic values and create memories with a lasting value for future generations. Therefore we hope that our creative suggestions will contribute to your ideas on organizing a meaningful and interesting celebration on the Sacrament of Baptism day.

We wish you an easy and smooth preparation for this special occasion and let the Christening be a sublime and unforgettable event in your and your child‘s life!