Christening table decorations

Christening table decorations

15 April 2013

The choice of christening table decorations depends on where the party is being held, how formal it is, what your taste is, and how much imagination you have. There are a great deal of charming details that will help you create the look and atmosphere you desire, but first of all you should think over how you will fit the food and dishes on the table, and only then contemplate how you will decorate it. Here is a list of decorations that can be used to decorate the christening table:

Flowers - this isthe most popular table decoration. If you don’t want to overload the table with childish decorations, and your heart is leaning towards a classic dinner – choose flowers. One large centerpiece in the middle of the table looks impressive, as do several small tasteful arrangements – everything depends on what overall look you are trying to achieve for the party. You can even decorate the guests’ plates with a single blossom, or just sprinkle flower petals on the table. The variety of flower colors will help you create a color theme, and they smell heavenly as well!

Napkinsan indispensable element for every dinner - you certainly don’t want your guests to have to wipe their lips with their sleeves after they eat. So napkins carry out an important practical function, but they can also serve as an element of table decor, since napkins come in such a range of design and color these days that they are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating needs. The napkins you choose depend on the type of party you’re having. Fabric napkins are best for a particularly formal event, while paper ones will do just fine for something more casual. You can easily find napkins designed specially for christenings, with various religious motifs, at specialized stores. Christening napkins with baby symbols (baby shoes, pacifiers, baby carriages) are also a popular choice, or you can select them by color, taking the theme of the party into account.

Napkin ringsthese are used more for decoration than for function, since you can certainly fold a napkin and place it on the table in such a way that a napkin ring would not be necessary. However, there are table settings where napkin rings could perform a subtle decorative function, especially when there are ones especially for christenings available. It may be just a small detail, but resourcefully used napkins rings can create a special festive mood, and underline the theme of the celebration. The selection is vast – from luxurious metal, to ceramic, to paper or fabric. If you decide to go with something modest, you could just wrap the napkins with color-coordinated silk or organza ribbons, and they will serve as napkin rings just fine.

christening table decorations

Tiny table decorationsonessuch as crystals, confetti, various themed decorations, strings of pearls, or feathers will lend the table a sense of festivity, and will help you elaborate on the party theme. When decorating the table with these sweet details, the main piece of advice would be to use moderation, and follow the rule that “less is more”.

christening decorations for table

Boxes – favors or thank you gifts for the guests are usually presented in elegant little boxes. These boxes can be put on a separate table or somewhere else, but usually they are so charming that they become more than just functional, and can also be used as an element of the table decor. On the table, they are usually placed in or next to each guest’s dish. These boxes are available not only in a broad range of colors, but also with special ornaments that are suitable for christenings – crosses, doves, angels, and so on.

christening favor box

Decorative figures for the table –these can be sweet, thematic table decorations referring to the theme of the christening party. If you select one decorative figure, it should be on the larger side and be placed in the center of the table so it is visible to everyone. If you would like several figures, then they should be smaller and placed either in certain areas of the table, or neatly next to each guest’s plate. Color-coordinated baby figures or little ceramic, glass or wax angels would work nicely, as would other figures that correlate with the theme of the party.

christening decorations table figures

Table Candles

There is nothing like candlelight to create a special atmosphere. And you don’t have to wait until evening – you can even light candles for breakfast, especially when it’s unpleasant outside. How many candles to light is a matter of taste. The main thing is that they go with the other table decorations and don’t get in the way of conversation. Classic white candles and angel-shaped candles are particularly suitable for christenings. You can also choose colored candles according to the party theme. They can be monochrome or decorated with thematic elements such as angels, doves, crosses and so on.

When using candles to decorate the table, you should adhere to a few rules: set the candles out in such a way that the guests won’t knock them over, and make sure that they are stable and won’t fall on the table or someone’s plate once they’re lit. The height of the candles should be such that they don’t get in the way of the guests and don’t interfere with conversation.

Individual little candles should always stand on a meltproof, fireproof base, since their bottoms get quite hot once they are lit.

christening decorations table candles

Chair decorationsif you are devoting particular attention to decorating your christening table, you probably won’t want mismatched chairs standing next to it. The easiest way to make regular chairs fancy is to “dress” them with fabric seat covers. You can tie a ribbon around the covers with a bow on the back of the chair, or you can decorate them with fresh or artificial flowers and other christening accessories. Chair covers can be rented or purchased, or you can have them made. Chair covers can add up financially, but you can reuse them for future celebrations, so they will eventually pay off.

chairs decorated for christening



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