DIY for Christenings: Gumdrop flowers

DIY for Christenings: Gumdrop flowers

27 May 2014

Colorful gumdrop flowers are an untraditional way to decorate the table and provide a treat for your little Christening guests.

You will need:

  • colorful oval- and traditional-shaped gumdrops
  • wooden skewers
  • clear cellophane wrapping paper
  • different colored ribbons
  • a pinch of imagination and a dash of patience

The production process

Cut the cellophane into squares (about 12x12 cm) and prepare ribbons about 20 cm long. Arrange the flower in the middle of the square (with the good side down), and poke a skewer into the gumdrop in the middle. Then, being careful to keep the flower from falling apart, pull the edges of the cellophane together and tie them with a ribbon, making a bow. You can trim any of the cellophane edges that are too long. Finally, take all of the flowers and arrange them in a pretty vase.

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